Estate & Tax Planning

We can support you in the planning of your estate in order to protect your assets and minimise your tax liability.

When it comes to family and friends, we all want to make sure that they share in our good fortunes, especially after we're gone. Our advice aims to provide you with the knowledge and direction to ensure your lifetime's wealth can be fully enjoyed by your loved ones.

We can help arrange your financial affairs so that you and your family are able to benefit fully from the reliefs and exclusions that you may be entitled to. Inheritance tax in particular can considerably affect how your assets are distributed. Careful planning of your estate is therefore necessary if you wish to minimise your tax liability and make your money reach as far as possible.

In the process of planning your estate, we may recommend the use of life assurance policies or trusts, the advantages, disadvantages and restrictions of which will be clearly explained to you. What's more, as independent advisers, our guidance will never be influenced by any third party - we will make sure you have the whole of the market at your disposal when selecting your solutions. Learn more about our independent approach at About Us.

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Estate & Tax Guides and Downloads

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax in the UK may be one of life's unpleasant facts, but with planning and quality advice, we could help you pay less tax on your estate

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Guide to the Budget 2015

The key announcements that could influence your financial planning decisions in the year ahead.
Are your financial plans still on track following Budget 2015?

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